Thursday, September 06, 2007

real life

We have had such a rich summer, full of family and being outdoors. I feel very lucky to have been able to spend so much time with my children, my siblings, my father and especially my grandson. However, watching teenagers with school bags walking along Toronto's Mount Pleasant Blvd on Tuesday made us realize that we have been avoiding reality. Yesterday, Ned and I drove the ten hours from Kingston to Manitoulin and filled the time with Kate Atkinson's audio book Case Histories . We had a lovely dinner with rasberry pie at the Valois restaurant in Mattawa, and stopped every now and then along the way to sretch our aching legs. The trip north began with highway 15 so that we could go through Almonte. I wanted to pick up my Millennium Journal exhibition and also meet Michael Rikley, the new curator of the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum. Now we are home and there are twenty one voice messages to go through, most of them about piano lessons. Back to real life.

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  1. Hi Judy!
    Some people complain about the many hours it takes to get from Kingston to Manitoulin. Hubby and I quite enjoy the road trip. It's always so nice to see all the little towns one passes through. We've never actually stopped in Mattawa, but I've always wanted to. We always play a game of who can spot the most wooden statues first!

    Glad you got to spend lots of time with your family :) Welcome back!


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