Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My point of view

I choose to live in an isolated place. This does not mean that I'm not serious about my artwork. It may even mean that I am more serious than someone who lives in a suburban developmen. Living here does make me vulnerable however, because I start to feel that I'm 'behind' the times. I'm just not able to go to as many galleries as I really should to see what is new. I can't even go to a movie theatre. So I become unsure if my art is any good. That's why I put my work up in front of my peers and alongside of my peers. It's a way to check that yes, I am OK. My work is OK.


  1. Your work is more than okay. It's highly original and beautifully crafted. It's art at its finest.

  2. Now that we have the internet, "isolation" doesn't mean what it used to mean.....

    It seems to me that everyone wonders if what they do is "good enough," artist or no.

    The advice that helps me is "just make the work." Worrying about whether it's "good enough" is an energy killer.

    Thinking about Wayne Gretzky, who said "I miss 100% of the shots I don't take."

    100% of the work I don't make misses the mark, too, however perfect it may be in my imagination. :-)

  3. Rhonda5:20 pm

    Judy.. your work is great.. no worry about that...I came across your site after visiting Manitoulin in June...
    now i understand.. you are rich for inspiration


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