Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Protection Blankets

I love the design of this invitation for the Protection Blankets exhibition. I'm very happy to have been invited to show my embroidered quilts in such a beautiful gallery setting. A one-person show and a serious review are rare. Quilts should be in art galleries. Quilts are an amazing vehicle for women artists. Artists, curators, and critics should pay more attention to quilt making as a viable alternate to painting and sculpture.

I just hope that my black DRESS holds up for the two openings.

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  1. Oh! How wonderful, Judy! Yes, I agree with you. Quilts should be in art galleries! I think I may have told you about the kimono exhibit I went to in Japan, where I was pleasantly surprised to see a collection of quilts! I was shocked to see quilts on display...and at the same time, it made me feel less homesick! :)


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