Friday, May 18, 2007

Perivale Gallery opens Sunday May 20

It's great to be back on Manitoulin at this time of year because now that the ferry from Tobermory has started the galleries and restaurants are all re-opening so that they can start their summer seasons. Sheila McMullan tells me that my work will be in the main room of the Perivale this year. (Ivan Wheale's room) I look forward to seeing all the new art for 2007 and the beautiful way that Sheila is sure to have arranged it.


  1. Is this just a closeup of part of a piece? I don't recall seeing it on your blog before....

  2. Hi Dale Anne
    This is a wall hanging that I did in late 2005 called Velvet Journal: Secret Garden. In this image it is folded, ready to take over to the Perivale for display this summer.


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