Friday, April 27, 2007

runaway global warming

I have been working quite steadily on binding and embellishing. I have been reading Bill McKibben. I think about my happy grandson and vow again to try harder and walk the walk of active environmentalism.

"More stuff is not making us happier--what we really seem to want is more community.
Standard economic theory has long assured us that we're insatiable bundles of desires. That may be true, but more and more it feels like our greatest wish is for more contact with other people. If everyone has to drive their own car everywhere, then it's hard to reduce emissions. If our idea of paradise remains a 4,000 square foot house on its own isolated lot, it's hard to imagine change. We don't need to erase individualism, but environmentalists desparately need to learn how to celebrate community, too" Bill McKibben


  1. Interesting perspective, thanks for introducing us to McKibben.

  2. what a GREAT face :)


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