Sunday, April 01, 2007

In Two Suitcases

I packed the entire Millennium Journal Installation into two suitcases and will take them with me today when I return to Kingston. The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum is located in Almonte, a small town between Kingston and Ottawa. This exhibit runs from May 2 to July 29.

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  1. Oh, Judy! I wish I had known of the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum earlier! I just returned to the Island from Ottawa and Kingston two nights ago! :(

    I went to an exhibit in Japan when I was teaching there back in 2000. I couldn't believe how gorgeous the fabrics and textile work were! There were kimono exhibits (ohhh...I LOVE the material and fabric that kimonos are made of! What works of art they are!) and surprisingly, there were quilts from around the world! I was expecting to see kimonos, since I was in Japan, but I was totally surprised to see some North American quilts there! Beautiful!


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