Saturday, March 10, 2007


We are in Anchorage again, visiting our daughter and her new family. Here is the beautiful grand-boy asleep under my quilt. Age 7 months. He is so ADORABLE!


  1. It's very gratifying to see that "thing" that you put so much time and love into become a "lovey", a must-have for a new small person.

    I made two oversized babyquilts for my twin nephews when they were born. Now that they are almost three, my quilts are an essential part of their days. AND they are holding up!

  2. marjan3:10 pm

    Dear Judy,

    Lovely to keep in touch this way. We are reading the same books. I finished An Ineheritance of Loss a few weeks ago, I read Rabbit is Rich by John Updike and are going to discuss it in a couple of weeks with the group that comes here for reading literature and listening and English conversation. A girlfriend of mine told me she was enjoying the novel by Updike you have just read.
    I also like your comments upon woman's art and quilt making as not being considered as serious art. I doubt if that is true, but it is different from painting and sculpture. More about this another time.

    When are you visiting Jay?


  3. Marjan, I am so glad that you have figured out how to make comments on this blog. Yes, we are reading the same books! Yes, we think alike about so many things and I am really glad that you read my blog to find out what is going on here. Jay is doing well in London England at present. I hope that he will make a visit home to Canada in April perhaps...and then he will likely return to Europe. THEN, we will visit him...and YOU!! Take good care Marjan.

    And Deb, safe trip to Florida tomorrow.

  4. Very sweet photo! He is gorgeous! I am now a new auntie. My brother and his wife have their first little boy, who was born last Friday. I am so in love with that little bundle of joy. I can't wait to finally meet him. I would have loved to learn how to quilt, and make him his first quilt. I'll have to settle for making him his first baby blanket. I learned how to crochet in the car on the way to the baby shower two months ago and now I've completed the blanket. It's not perfect, but it's pretty. I also think the imperfections make it endearing :) LOL...just like baby's auntie!


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