Friday, February 09, 2007

My Journals

Eight new hard covered sketchbooks arrived today. I ordered them online because I just can't purchase them here on Manitoulin Island. I use them as journals and write down thoughts, passages from the books I'm reading, and conversations I am part of. I also sketch out my art ideas over several pages, especially when I'm working on a big quilt. Most of the pages are illustrated with collages that I add to off and on over the time period that the journal covers.

Other things I shop for online are: white fabrics of all sorts, dyes to colour them with, silk floss, watercolour paint in tubes, and out of print books.


  1. I love your collage with the hands. It looks powerful to me! I have been browsing your posts and have to say how much I enjoy them. very thought provoking.

  2. Thanks Karen
    I really appreciate your good feedback. I think it's amazing that we can talk like this because of the internet and that I can write about what I'm thinking and hold on to the thoughts in such an attractive way. I visited your blog and enjoyed your work.

  3. Beautiful work...very moving and spiritual -


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