Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Almost sixty years

My parents were married in 1947 and pictured is a detail from the small hanging I made for their 50th anniversary. I took a photo of it in their living room here in Kingston,Ontario, where I am presently putting in some daughter time. I'm very glad to be here to help out.


  1. I just got back home after a week of "Daughter time". It's tough when you can only put in a week every few months. It doesn't seem enough by far.

  2. Thanks for your comment deb.
    I am really overwhelmed at the moment with everything. Both parents are quite frail at present. I'm going to be back again, soon. Not doing much artwork or reading or anything else really, and it is difficult to blog without my home computer. I knew that you had visited your dad, as I read your blog too. Nice to have virtual friends.

  3. Oh! That's lovely, Judy! It's also nice that you're spending time with your parents. I'll be in Kingston sometime during March break, for the birth of my brother and my sister-in-law's first baby :) I'm so excited. What a special time this is.

  4. Oh Christine
    That will be so nice for you when you become an aunt. Soon it will be your time to be a mom.

  5. Hi Judy! Yes, everyone's placing bets on when we'd be expecting! :)

    My brother's baby will be the first grandchild on my side of the family, but I'm already an aunt for my husband's two nieces. In case you were interested, there's a photo of one of my nieces and me in this week's Expositor! She's pulling me on a sled in the toboggan/tea rally. How embarrassing! ;)


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