Sunday, June 04, 2006


I don’t know about you but when I read a poem, even a short poem, I have to slow right down and think about it. I have to read the words over and over and consider what the poet is saying. If perhaps s/he might mean something else in addition to the obvious. I appreciate the metaphors used in poetry. I think that my quilts are like poems because of the slowness they demand from the viewer. Yes, the hand stitching gives visible evidence of the amount of time spent making them, but also, it is slow work to appreciate them.

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  1. hello Judy... i am really happy to see your works online here. i have admired and been intrigued and a bit envious too of the amazing works you do.

    this piece is exquisite.

    all poetry. every stitch. every nuance of colour. every thought and consideration. yes... one does have to slow down to take in the detail.

    it must pulse with energy in real life.


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