Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Work of Hands

A new blog, work of hands , was published today. It contains five pieces of my work, one of which is this quilt. There are photos, essays, drawings, poems and quilt art. To see my artwork you have to scroll nearly to the bottom of the blog, but it is an interesting trip. This project was initiated by Canadian poet Cornelia Hoogland who was assisted by Carissa MacLennan, a MA candidate at Western University. What follows is a quote from the email I received today from Cornelia and Carissa. "This is a long-term project and we encourage participants to return to this blog to see how your piece has inspired others throughout the next year. The purpose of this blog is to initiate a dialogue that will increase global understanding on the work of hands. As the project grows, there will be contributors from around the world posting submissions and comments. Questions will be posted on the blog to facilitate discussion.

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