Tuesday, April 04, 2006

touring exhibition

The Visual Arts Ontario web site gives links to images of the touring XXX exhibition. The top image shows my quilt as it appears at the Art Gallery of Algoma while the bottom image shows how it was displayed at the Thunder Bay Art gallery. http://www.vao.org/ I so appreciate that my quilt is part of this multi media presentation. It’s time that artists, curators and critics paid more attention to art quilts as a viable alternative to paintings and sculpture. Quilts cross over from traditional craft into the more cerebral world of fine art because they can be read as metaphors for human existence.


  1. I love the top photo and how they let it hang free. Beautiful!

  2. hi again... i was hoping to find this on your blog. i was in Thunder Bay when this show was up, and it was your quilt which held me the longest.

    thank you.


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