Thursday, March 22, 2018

red and white

 In 2013 we  visited Cappadocia, Turkey.
In the Valley of Goreme there are many churches carved into the small stone mountains.
 This post is a document of some of the red and white very early Christian markings inside those carved rock sanctuarys.
 St Barbara's church 
 The Goreme area is a world heritage property
 9th century
 rows of triangles
shapes lifted on pedestals
I was very inspired by these paintings.
They reached across the centuries...
they are timeless.
new work in progress Judy Martin


Mo Crow said...

your red thread holds deep time

Suzanna said...

I love this, and so much look forward to watching the evolution of your piece. ❤️

Ms. said...

I shared at FB
What is etched in stone is meant to last.

susan hemann said...

wow! I'm fascinated with the drawings. I'm wondering about the symbolism, the triangle on the pedestal? well all of it, did you find out yourself? will have to research, thank you so much for sharing- not being physically able to travel I enjoy seeing pictures of other peoples travels.

Judy Martin said...

I have not found out anything about the pedestals... I am intrigued.

I think the simplicity of line and the repetition of the first shapes, (circle, triangle, square, cross) is very powerful.

There is something spiritual in those shapes. Also in the colour red on top of white.
We don't need to fully understand.

Tina Zaffiro said...

Have always been intrigued by your work and what inspires it. This is like your other pieces ... going to be amazing.

jude said...

i have so many drawings from turkey. since i will be living there soon, i plan to work with them while there. love your simple cloth.

monika brueckner said...

It´s interesting how former inspiration return and go into contemporary artwork. Our spirit doesn´t forget!!

Sue McQ said...

Those paintings and their messages have withstood the test of time. How beautiful. Your interpretation is as always, mesmerizing.

Nancy said...

Interesting it seeps into your cloth will be amazing to see!

Velma Bolyard said...

i keep coming back to look at these beautiful red rich marks.