Friday, September 08, 2017

only in the middle of our story

 She let her words fly forth as blessings
 like white birds cheering the heart
 In the shelter of Bear's arms she let go of her fears
ned and judy 25 years 
Her words became like birds and flew away
becoming something unexpected.

It's our 44th wedding anniversary today, and I am thinking about a card I received, a gift.  It had Denise Kester's poem (quoted above) and image (see here) on it.  The friend told me that Ned is my bear and that is true.  

I made this quilt with quote by Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnet XIV to celebrate our 25th. That was 19 years ago and we were just barely in the middle of our story.  Click here for entire quilt.


Mo Crow said...

Happy Anniversary!

Sujata Shah said...

What a lovely picture of you both! Happy Anniversary! I love that quilt - colors, textures and all!

Marti said...

For the quiet joys of continuing the story, Happy Anniversary.

Margaret said...

"Love never fails". Happy Anniversary!

Lynn Holland said...

It's our 38th anniversary today and are we all not just the luckiest people. To be with someone so long to love and be loved is a pure blessing
Happy anniversary to you both
Lynn & Philip xx

Stephanie Jo said...

Much happiness to you and Ned! Such a lovely picture of the two of you.

Judy Martin said...

Yes, it is a great photo. I didn't used to think so for years and years - but now I look at it and think it is beautiful. 19 years after the fact.

We are now each in our mid 60's, and Ned remains the most loyal and supportive person, and gentle and protective. He is great. I am very lucky.

Thank you for all good wishes. We will carry on.


Hazel said...

Happiest of celebrations to you, wishing you many more trips around the sun together!

B. Garner said...

What a wonderful milestone - Happy Anniversary to both you and Ned!
Bethany and Dale