Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mille Fleurs over Lake Superior

Mon Seul Desir





We drove home from Thunder Bay in one 14 hour day while listening to The Lady and The Unicorn on audio book.  The long water views of Lake Superior and the Algoma fall colour remain with me still.  When we got home I googled and found lots of images of the tapestries that inspired the novel but these are all from author Tracy Chevalier's  website.  I love that they illustrate the senses.


Heather said...

Audio books are great on long driving trips. I have read that book but can't remember too much of it - the tapestries, on the other hand, did stick in my mind.

wholly jeanne said...

the views. the story. the memories - that 14-hour drive was a tapestry in and of itself.

Bozena Wojtaszek said...

Love this book (as well as others by her) and love Mille Fleurs!

April said...

MOM! I was googling French Tapestries yesterday because I was looking over some of my photos from the Louvre!

I want to do a woodcut with some of the heavy composition techniques.