Monday, February 11, 2013

learn to learn

Let us just learn a little everyday.
It is so difficult to learn.
Dance Overskirt, Congo 20th century, raffia  collection textile museum of Canada

What keeps us from learning?
Be in a learning spirit.
You have lots of time.
Just be receptive.
Just be accepting.
Just be tolerant.
Just  be self loving, not self indulgent.
Not selfish
but self-respecting
self forgiving
self relating

Wait and see
Try again
Give yourself a chance
To learn is difficult
Try again
Start again tomorrow
Learn to learn

text by Louise Bourgeois when she was 83


ArtPropelled said...

A lovely post to begin my day, thank you Judy. LOVE the dance skirt!
Yesterday I struggled with a "garment" for one of my carved totems (made from an old fishing net). Today I will start again.

Ms. said...

Brilliant post--do you get tired of hearing "brilliant"? No, you are one of the self-respecting, tolerant and forgiving ones, so you will forgive my not finding a better word. It's a good word.

Velma Bolyard said...

trying to remain receptive sounds easier than it is, learning isn't and easy job.

Valerianna said...

Thanks for this. The cloths are so satisfying. Been thinking a lot about self-loving vs. self-indulgent. The former requires self truth-telling and holding oneself accountable - with love.

mansuetude said...

Where will i b at 83

Cant fathom it

Mo Crow said...

thank you Judy! these images and words are helping me understand why I am questioning everything at the moment... process method materials line light values hope belief oh everything...

Jeannie said...

What a beautiful post! I know that once I loose the desire to learn, to question, to explore - it is time for me to go.

susan christensen said...

An excellent meditation to have in mind as I take the morning walk. Such compelling photos as well. Thank you for this hope - 83!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...


montse llamas-artsandcats said...

I am hopelessly trying to motivate my teenager art students to be more openminded lately. These words are really useful...
They are always talking about 'studying', but almost never about 'learning'.

wholly jeanne said...

she said we have lots of time at 83. given that i'm celebrating a Big Birthday tomorrow, i find that quite comforting.

Heather said...

That Louise Bourgeois rocks!!

Susan said...

Learning new things, I avoid it. It hurts my head. I've got a new banjo, though, and I plan to learn to play it. For now, I look good holding it.