Thursday, June 28, 2012

transition place and time

What is romance?

I am at the family cottage this week and am on a break from blogging. All kids, partners, and the two grand children are here.


Nancy said...

Sounds like perfection...enjoy!

Jacky said...

Have fun! Sounds like you are in good place.

Jacky xox

Meestal Turquoise said...


Els said...

Have a good time you all !
(that's the best in life !)

Dolores said...

Have an enjoyable week. Family time is so very precious.
Is that pulla?

Sandra said...

My collage artist friend Philippa Hunter said to me recently," You (as an artist) need some time to breathe." So breathe Judy! Have a good break.

Judy Martin said...

Yes, Dolores
It is Pulla (Finnish sweet bread)
It was leftover from the wedding - Erika's family is Estonian and the name for the bread is Kringel.

mansuetude said...

wonderful questions!

the bread also looks like Challah--an orthodox Jewish friend taught me how to make.