Wednesday, March 14, 2012

monumental simplicity

I pinned monumental simplicity to the deck railing yesterday. Right in the center, where the bird feeder usually is. Right where we naturally look out across the bay. It was a mild day. Just a little wind. I love how it feels like I do when I look at the view.

this piece 5 months ago


henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

the silhouette of the trees makes it almost a dream scape

Martine said...

Sailing away on a warm wind........

arlee said...

i'm constantly amazed at how you take simple and make it complex in an emotional way, without compromising the simplicity

handstories said...

grand with humbleness wrapped in beauty

mansuetude said...

I love how it feels like I do when I look at the view.

a form of "blood memory" and/or an empathetic experience of self in wind, in-dwell(ing) cloth, escaped outward,into, its own ecstatic "being", weightless again. , almost.


deanna7trees said...

makes me wonder about the veil we see through of which we are unaware. beautiful.

Lynn said...


Penny Berens said...

Oh my goodness....seeing the landscape through your fabrics that have been coloured by what grows from the land....oh my goodness.
What I am thinking is that when you have your show you need to create a breeze to make the pieces furl and dance.

eb said...

oh Judy!
gorgeously quiet
and sumptuous
with a little wildness
yes - furl and dance...

xox - eb

Jacky said...

It reminds of a beautiful tibetan flag floating with the breeze, being a part of nature.
As always, beautiful in its simplicity.
Your previous post on the embroidered work of Anna Torma is wonderful. I enjoyed reading about how her embroidery begins, evolves, a part of her everyday life. Much like your cloths.

Jacky xox

Judy Martin said...

All these views are from the back of the piece, from below.

Thanks for your support.

Jennifer said...

Just plain awesome.

Take your pick.
They all apply.

montse llamas-artsandcats said...