Friday, February 19, 2010


“I am thinking about what poetry can do. It can evoke something difficult to talk about without scaring it from the room. It can render something present without stating it. It can leave something unsaid while making it present. I am relieved when I turn to the dictionary and find the root of poesis is “to make”.

Ann Hamilton


arlee said...

what timing.......the things we've said that aren't always heard--though the words surface as memories ----thank you for this

Jacky said...

Poignant post...Ann Hamiltons word resonate.
Beautiful photo, so serene and a beautiful view.

Jeana Marie said...

what a beautiful place...looks like the perfect spot to have a conversation, or just be still.

the words - I needed to hear them, I did. thank you

Jenny said...

What a beautiful place! That was a lovely post.

Judy Martin said...

This is my view across Manitowaning Bay towards the Wikwemikong Penninsula. I've put photos of it up before on this blog. Now I am thinking of the very idea of the looking at water and sky as a real human need. Doing this kind of looking sets our minds free. Memory unlocks, longing surfaces, day dreams happen.