Friday, August 28, 2009

Inspiration surrounds me

I'll be away from my blog for a week as we're going to the cottage. Most of our children will be there, and I'll have my laptop and sewing machine but no internet. I realized yesterday how much my daily environment impacts upon my work. The broad horizon of lake huron, the travel to Europe that I hope to be able to continue, and the circular things that I collect for my home.

Have a wonderful creative week, and enjoy the last few days of summer. I'll be back in early September.


Sandra said...

Hi Judy: I'm new to your blog and have been enjoying it everyday for a few weeks now and now that you'll be gone for "a few weeks" I just had to let you know just how much I love your work and words. I will miss your daily posting but will sooo loook forward to your return : ) the best to you and your family !!
Blessings, Sandra in AZ

Janet said...

I'm sure it will be a welcome break from electronic connectivity...I always feel that way when I visit my folks' cottage. Enjoy!
Janet P.