Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Driving and thinking

The art tour is over and so I was able to put my books and drawing supplies in the car and drive to Kingston to visit my father for a few days. It's a long drive but I love the solitude of it as it gives me time to think. I get ideas while driving and jot them into my journal propped on the passanger seat.
Secret Garden was purchased during the tour.

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C said...

Oh, Judy! I have been meaning to send you a quick note! I saw your photo and the article of you in the Expositor not too long ago.

I am truly upset that I didn't make it to the Art Tour this year! It's something that I always enjoy doing, but this time around, morning sickness (err, make that ALL DAY sickness) has gotten the better of me. I was really looking forward to the Art Tour. Perhaps next year :(

Funny that you mentioned Kingston, because I was supposed to go there next week to visit with family and take care of my 1 yr old nephew for a week. Those plans are also on hold for the rest of this trimester :(

Glad you are able to make good use of the long drive. I'd imagine one would get inspired when left with one's thoughts for the drive. Brilliant.