Friday, September 13, 2013

walking the walk

A selection of Quilt National 2011  is showing this weekend in the european patchwork meeting in Alsace France.  Although Cross My Heart (detail shown) sold three years ago on QN's opening day I am very pleased that it is still on tour. More images of this piece here.

Nancy Crow's inspiring statement accompanies her exhibition at this French conference and as usual, I am struck by her self discipline and drive.  This image of Nancy's new work is from her website.  More painterly than what we have come to expect, this artist continues to re-invent herself and her work. Read more heart to heart with Nancy Crow at Allegre Retreat

I am walking the walk.
Totally focused.
Paying attention.
To bed early.
Up early.
10-12 hour days.
Dedicated computer time reduced to 30 minutes per day.
No phones in the studio.
All necessary preparations predicated on efficiency.
Wet studio organized.
Using the fewest tools to facilitate mark-making.
Stacks of fabrics prepared.
Corralling black thoughts.
Going forward.
Making mistakes.
Not looking back.
Loosening up.
Feeling the thrill.
Day after day.
Keeping the routine.
Short ones.
Long ones.
Self-portraits of who I am.

Nancy Crow 


arlee said...

sounds like the plan i'm subscribing to--didn't i get more work done when there were no online distractions?

Judy Martin said...

the 30 minute limit on computer time is what struck me the most too.


Ann Knickerbocker said...

This is wonderful. Am sending it to a friend and printing it for my journal. What splendid advice from Nancy!

Helena said...

I saw your wonderful quilt today live in France and recognized the detail immediately in your blog although I saw hundreds of quilts today. It is one of my favourites. I am very exited to visit the Nancy Crow exhibition tomorrow.

Karen Thiessen said...

Nancy Crow's words = yes. Yes to the long days, yes to the limited computer time. My hubby and I were talking about staying relevant as we age and of course technology came up in conversation. The downside to keeping up is losing our already precious attentiveness, so vital to being an artist or writer. There is a cost to keeping up and a cost to not doing so. Hmmm.

Montse Llamas said...

I am trying to be more self-disciplined this autumn. I am on the right track most of the time, but I break my routines from time to time... Need to work on my willpower!

Marianne Hall said...

Oh my. I thought 1st, "I'll have this in my studio too, as a reminder....then I thought of the joy of wandering days ...sitting under my tree, at the top of the mountain...and in my lover's arms" .....and then I thought, perhaps I'm enough already...

Velma Bolyard said...

i'm almost ready for that kind of focus. i think.

Lesley Turner said...

Check, check to every item on Nancy's list. Thanks for passing her works on. I'll print them large and put them on my board so i look at them every day.
Have you found a new studio or are you making do with working at home?

jeanne hewell-chambers said...

yes. discipline is remembering what you want. lately i've gotten knocked off base by family concerns. getting back in the saddle. may print this out as beautiful reminder.