Tuesday, April 12, 2016


with your dominant hand
 ask yourself a question
with your non dominant hand
write yourself the answer

Text: spoken by fellow participant Anne Barkley during our workshop with Janice Mason Steeves over the weekend
Images: some of the studies I did with cold wax and oil paint


Stephanie Westerhout said...

These are intriguing. I'm especially drawn to the second picture.

digitizing said...

great blog. thanks for sharing it.

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Great idea for loosening up. I'm going to use it with my creativity class. I like every one of them.

Judy Martin said...

And then Anne said what her question was and what the answer was.

"Q How can I be a painter?

A Give yourself the time."

This is quite profound.

Penny Berens said...


Lynn Holland said...

Q. What will I do today ?
A. See what it brings