Sunday, October 06, 2013

stitching in car

 highway 69
 we came south to Toronto, then east to Kingston one last time
"Beauty is the mystery of life.  Enter into it. "

Agnes Martin said that.


Dolores said...

You got to see the fall colours which are in their glory at the moment.

Ms. said...

On first seeing Agnes Martin drawings back in the Seventies, I didn't understand them. Then I saw A David Wilson Play.

arlee said...

continuity, wherever you go, there you are

Heather said...

Oh, the rose coloured velvet shapes on that linen are fascinating. I love the inner/outer aspect of them, that they are like petals or wounds. (Freud might have a field day with me, but I am more inclined to the French feminists.)

eb said...

you and your work
always move me

wholly jeanne said...

looks like another Beautiful Mystery unfolding.

Threadpainter said...

Just passed that very rock 2 weeks ago ... and, I know jt's hard, but it's the 400 now ;) We've been traveling this highway for 45 years and it's been hard getting used to the new and improved.
Nice to hear that your Dad will be closer to you.

mansuetude said...

Everything u touch.

Love what u r doing here.

Susan said...

"One last time"?

Judy Martin said...

Shall answer some questions, comments here.

Susan - "one last time" refers to the fact that my father, who lived in Kingston until June, is now living near me in long term care. I've been traveling to Kingston to see my parents for the twenty five years they've lived there, and now the condo is sold, the goods distributed.

Thread painter - It is the 400 highway after Parry Sound - above that it is still called 69 on all the signage, and this particular rock is from north of Parry Sound.

And re: the wounds, petals, made from the reverse applique, reverse side, your comments have encouraged me very much. Thank you.xx