Wednesday, May 08, 2013


sisu: courage, pluck, stubbornness, stamina, obstinacy
sisu: stick-with-it-ness, nerve, pride, spirit, perseverance
sisu: energy, gumption, heart
sisu:  facing down life and the changes ahead


Judy Martin said...

We celebrated Dad's birthday a week early, partly because two grandchildren were in Ontario from Alaska and England, as well as a great grand child. Partly because we wanted to celebrate him being home from two months in hospital and his decision to go into long term care.

I am stitching an indigo lap quilt for him - an hour a day of either surface embroidery or quilting - when I am with Dad. I have given him the quilt, but shall persist with the touching for the next while. It will become more and more about that caress.

The cake represents the Finnish flag. Dad came to Canada from Finland when he was five and has never been back.

Perhaps this post is too personal - but that's OK once in a while.


Karen said...

I've been rooting for your dad. I'm glad that you still have him. Your post is not too personal.

Marie Costa said...

I enjoy your personal posts Judy. Happy Birthday to your dad! I had no idea how many Finns were in Ontario until recently; I've met quite a few this past year. Do you think you'll ever visit Finland? I feel very lucky that I've had the opportunity to visit Portugal where my folks are from.

Dolores said...

A very Happy 90th Birthday to your dad. My mom came in '49 after the war and only went back once. She turns 94 on Mother's Day. Sisu indeed.

Margaret said...

Personal is fine; artists love to give hugs. :-)

And "Sisu"? Gifts of the Spirit...perseverance (long-suffering, patience), heart (love, joy)...

May you share His gifts between you.


kathyd said...

what a great post my mother in-law celebrates 90 on the 18th .she is also finnish descent . must be in the genes .

Ms. said...

the personal is a gift....and what a wonderful occasion though difficult, you and he have come through together.

yvette said...

gongratulations! and with your wedding soon to be too!

yvette said...

nono not too personal
whatiffing makes us personal according to me

love it
was there for a feltexhibition
loved it

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

my mom turned 92 in january - these achievements should be honored. the cake also reminded me a little of one of you pieces. a little like the marks on the "cross my heart" piece. x to you all

mansuetude said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad. A very handsome 90 year old, and with those lovely cheekbones like the poet Merwin. :)

Thank you for this word Sisu, too. Its a keeper. Power to the power within it.

Sisu to you on this beautiful day.

Nancy said...

"Sisu"...a new word telling an old of devotion and love, which is completely personal and universal at the same time.

Lari Washburn said...

How wonderful! I have a 91 year old father in law and I am in awe of his strength! That generation had some grit!!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i love the word

you never hear it anymore.

but i just did. you said it.


wholly jeanne said...

Tending my mother renders my hands, my brains, my life at a complete standstill. I am so far behind on everything. Hoping your dad had a most enjoyable birthday.i love the lap quilt and wholeheartedly agree: caress is the important magical ingredient. Sisu sounds a cousin to what we say here in the south: grit, which most often refers to a determined, chin-up-forward-motion stick-to-itness. I like everything about this post . . . except that it took me so long to get here. xxx