Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quilt backs

When they visit, Oona is kind enough to bring along the quilts I've made the boys.
Jack's quilt back
Everett's quilt back
They've left now.
Above is the painting April and Everett did together.
For the fronts of these two quilts, click here and here.


Caterina Giglio said...

they are wonderful and the children are beautiful..

Thread Born said...

I love the idea of these quilts shielding your grandchildren with protective energy. Thanks for showing the hidden side.--Julie

ronnie laforet said...

They are just wonderful works!
really really inspiring.

over the rainbow said...

OMG Judy, these are lucky are they?! And with that painting.......ummmm I see the inspiration for another quilt?

Connie Rose said...

Magnificent quilts, Judy!

handstories said...

love all of this...the backs, fronts, sweet children & the painting- all colorful & joyful

Jacky said...

There is always such a feel of family on your blog...of softness and love.
Beautiful quilts for grandchildren, stitched with love and meaning,
The painting is just wonderful...a moment in time by the water at Grandma's.

Jacky xox

Nancy said...

Love this post! I chuckled at how the quilts are the shape of the owners (at least for now). They are so beautiful, quilts and boys! And I love the painting!

wholly jeanne said...

It is a shield you've created for them, isn't it? A loving, protective shield. I love that. And like some of the other commenters, I wonder what, if anything, you'll wind up doing with that delightful painting. I've just created a new blog called where I'm recreating in stitch 167 drawings made by my 53 year old developmentally disabled sister-in-law. She is often overlooked, often dismissed by silly oafs who won't take the time to get to know the richness of who she is. She has so much she could teach us if only we'd get over ourselves. Anyway, I'm finding the recreation in stitch downright cathartic and life changing. Surprised? Me neither.