Monday, December 20, 2010

paintings of my mother

I folded up and threw out a painting today. Not this one. I'm keeping this one. Inspired by a black and white photograph, this is the way I like to remember my mother. Smiling. Brave. Touching my shoulders with pride, showing off the new smocked dress that she had made for me. I made several paintings of my mother in 2008 from photographs. It helped me, she had passed in 2007. I used the black and white photographs my dad took. She liked to pose with us kids on Sundays after church. Above: the one I threw out today. It was time. Too large for my archival box, it was in the way. I tossed it because it did not flatter her. It did not look like her. Above: also tossed. I stitched red thread into each painting and showed them in 2008. Too personal.


Jeana Marie said...

hugs to you dear Judy.

Velma said...

it sounds exactly like you know what needs to happen, which things need to go. letting go/throwing out (i like burning up) is good, i think. i have purged work before, too. i think it's necessary.

Serena said...

a necessary post that everyone should read.
and highlights a debate of subject matter vs. actual artistic work.

sophiemunns said...

There's something about these paintings...I do hope you hold onto them...and do more?
from a complete stranger passing by!

Anonymous said...

these are (no pun intended)
really touching.
makes me realize how rarely
my parents touched me.
don't think any photographs
exist like these
of me with my mother.

agnes martin - visually and
verbally - is always
an inspiration