June 2017 update regarding our four children (and four grandchildren).


Our eldest, Oona,  and her husband Matt live in Anchorage Alaska.  Matt is a partner in an earth moving company in Anchorage and the boys attend a Waldorf school close to their home.

The neighbourhood has many young families and the boys are able to bike to their school.  There are jam sessions and family get togethers for meals and lots of outdoor play.

The photo  of Oona is from New Years Eve when the family came back to Canada for a visit.

Everett (10 years)  Jack  (7 years).  This is their school photo taken in fall of 2016.

Oona keeps chickens in her back yard and the family has a young dog (REX) that she takes on many walks in the nearby green spaces.


The big news for 2017 is Maia Wren - shown above with her dad Jay in June 2017.  Maia was born January 19, 2017 and is nearly 5 months in above photo.
Jay is a project manager at Ryerson University.
His wife Erika is on one year maternity leave from her job with  provincial government.

Aili is being a very good big sister.
She is 3 years old and has an amazing imagination.  She loves her back yard in the Riverdale area of Toronto.  She will be taking the summer off from daycare and will be at home with mommy and Maia, and then in September is starting to attend Montessori school.


Grace is in the middle of a Masters degree in Public Policy and Administration from Carleton University.  She is currently on a job placement with the Federal Government Dept of Fisheries and Oceans.  She lives in Ottawa.  The photo is from April 2017 when Maia was only 4 months old.

The photo of me (below) was taken on that same day.


April recently obtained her MFA from the art institute of Chicago and is currently moving through several residencies in the United States under a special one year Visa program.  The photo above is from early April 2017 when she had a brief visit with Jay's family in Toronto, just before going to California to take part in Andrea Zittel's A-Z enterprize in Joshua Tree.

And the one below shows Ned and April in June 2017, at the Dia: Beacon art gallery with an Anne Truitt sculpture.  We visited April near the end of her 6 weeks at Women's Studio Workshop in New York state.

Paul Johnson

My father turned 94 years old in May.
He lives on Manitoulin Island now, he moved here in 2013.
He came to Canada age 5 from Finland and has had a very productive life.  He has been an inventor, a business owner, a land lord, and when he retired from his position at the school board (director of phsysical plant and also manager of bus routes) he became the primary caregiver for my mother who had Rhumatoid Arthritus for 20 years.

Dad has kept his sense of humor even though he's lost nearly all mobility.

update July 2017

My Father died peacefully around 4 am on July 17, 2017.

Most of the kids have not been keeping their blogs up, but I will leave the links on this page for a bit longer as reference.    (You can find them on Instagram now)

Oona's blog  Playing with Spoons
Jay's blog, Ugly Little House
Grace has let her blog go.
April does keep a blog about her studio work. xtallography  and about her cyanotype performance
My younger sister, Nancy, has a blog about her paintings.  npaulartworks

links to family members.

Ned , my husband and support system for 43 years
OonaMatt,  Everett and Jack.

Jay,  Erika, Aili  Maia




My mother, born 1927, passed away at age 80 in 2007 her obituary here.

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