The kids are not keeping their blogs up to date, but here are the links anyway.  Maybe they will be better bloggers in 2014.

Oona. .
Life is about her family
Playing with Spoons is about her creativity and philosophy.

Ugly Little House, a record of the renovation of the house they purchased in 2009.

The Water Column.

april martin

Dad, Judy, Oona with Everett behind Jack, Christmas 2013.  four generations!
I made the quilt that is covering Dad as a gift for his 90th birthday.

Clicking on the names below will bring you to the few blog posts where I mention my family members. 

Ned and I have four children, all grown up with lives separate, far away.
Oona, lives in Alaska USA with her husband Matt and two young boys,   Everett 7  and Jack 4.

Jay is two years younger than Oona and lives in Toronto with his wife, Erika.  Married in 2012, Jay and Erika's wedding photos are still online. Their new daughter,  Aili Evelyn was born March 25, 2014.

Grace is the middle daughter, and she lives in Manchester, England with her new husband, Asan.  They were married in our yard June 2013, with celebrations in Little Curent Manitoulin Island as well as in Ankara Turkey, where Asan's parents live.

The youngest is April, and she lives in Montreal with her fiance, Andy.  This couple is planning to marry on June 21,  2014.

I may as well also include links to the blog posts from Judy's Journal that refer to some other family members.

My dad , born 1923 - turned 90 in 2013.  He moved into long term care in Little Current, 20 minutes away from Ned and I September 24, 2013.  He is doing OK - It has been an emotional time, but I am glad that he is nearer to us.
My mom, born 1927, passed away at age 80 in 2007   her obituary here

My sister Nancy is an artist.  She has two websites.  Here and here.
I also have an older brother, Howard.  There are no links to him in the blog.  He just retired this past year from the national research council in Ottawa.

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