All four children plus spouses and the three grandchildren were here for the Christmas/New Years holiday, 2014.

back row:  Ned, Andrew, Asan, Matt
middle row:  Erika, Judy, April, Grace, Oona
front row:  Jay, Aili, Dad, Everett
very front:  Jack

My father is 91.

I don't think my children will mind if I give a little news about each of them on this page.


Oona and her husband Matthew are living in Anchorage Alaska.
Oona works in the landscape architecture field and is also a certified yoga teacher.  Matthew is the general manager of a road building company.  Oona and Matt have been doing renovations this past year on their house on a quiet street.  They keep chickens, have moose for neighbors.  Everett turned 8 in august and Jack turned 5 in October (going on 9).  Both attend Waldorf schools and ride bikes.
The big news for this family is that they are MOVING TO CANADA in June.  We are all pleased and excited about this.

Oona's blog  Playing with Spoons is about her creative projects and personal philosophy.


Jay and his wife Erika are living in Toronto, Ontario.  Aili Evelyn was born March 2014.
Jay is an architect and is a project manager for a university in Toronto.  Erika is also an architect and will be returning to her job with the Ontario government in the spring.  Aili will be one year in March, and is adorable.

Jay's blog, Ugly Little House, is a good record of the renovation of the house they purchased, gutted, re-designed in 2009 until present.


Grace and her husband Asan are living in Manchester, United Kingdom.
Grace is a biologist and works for a water company in northern England.  Asan is a research scientist at the university.  They just bought their flat in Manchester.


April married Andrew in June 2014.  April is living in Chicago, studying for MA (sculpture) at the school of the art institute.  Andrew is teaching high school in Montreal and completing his masters of education at McGill.

April has a new blog that shows her recent art work...april martin

Below are links to the blog posts on Judy's Journal that refer to my family members.

Ned , my husband and support system for 41 years
OonaMatt,  Everett and Jack.

Jay,  Erika, (wedding photos Aili born March 25, 2014.

Grace , Asan.

April,  Andy.

My dad ,  moved into long term care in Little Current, 20 minutes away from Ned and I September 24, 2013.
My mother, born 1927, passed away at age 80 in 2007   her obituary here

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