March 2016 update regarding our four children.  2015 was a momentous year for them.

Oona and Matt moved into their house in Toronto in September 2015.
Both boys started school (right next door!)  Everett went into grade 4 and Jack into grade 1.
Oona is working 4 days a week as a landscape architect in Toronto.
Matt has accepted a partnership in the contracting business in Anchorage.   This means that he will be in Alaska during the construction season (April  through October) but is in Toronto November through March.
We all spent Christmas Eve at Jay and Erika's home.  Each of us had to perform a talent before getting a gift from father Christmas.  Everett (9) performed a clapping and snapping rhythm routine he learned at school.
New Year's weekend was on Manitoulin.
Above is a photo of Jack (6) on the sled in our back yard.

Jay and Erika were able to join us in Mexico for a week in February 2016.  (valentine's day above)
They are a busy young Toronto family.  In 2015, Erika is back at work with the Ontario government,  Jay works at a university as project manager and Aili attends day care.  The family usually walks together to and from their day jobs.
 Aili (23 months) with her dad in Mexico, Feb 2016.
Grace is planning to go back to university for a masters in public policy.  She lives in Toronto.
Grace with Aili, Christmas eve.
April graduates from the Art Institute of Chicgo this spring with an MFA in sculpture.
She was with family for nearly two weeks over the Christmas break - and enjoyed being an aunt to our three grand children.
 Christmas Day 2015 was mild.  Above, April with Jack.
My father, Paul Johnson.

Dad had some health emergencies this winter.  He was admitted to hospital in Little Current twice (Jan and Feb 2016) for pneumonia related breathing issues - but has rallied.  Above is a photo of great grampa Paul (89) with the two boys New Year's Eve 2012 - in his own home in Kingston.
This photo is of dad last June 2015 with Aili.  In this photo he is 92.
 Here we are with our girls and Oona's men on Christmas Day on a Lake Ontario beach.
And above, here are Ned and myself with our friends Reg and Jane, and also with Jay, Erika and Aili in a resort in Mexico.  It was lovely to have those youngsters with us for a week.

Most of the kids have not been keeping their blogs up, but I will leave the links on this page for a bit longer as reference.    (They are using Instagram now.)

Oona's blog  Playing with Spoons
Jay's blog, Ugly Little House
Grace has let her blog go.
April does keep a blog about her studio work. xtallography  and about her cyanotype performance
My younger sister, Nancy, has a blog about her paintings.  npaulartworks

links to family members.

Ned , my husband and support system for 42 years
OonaMatt,  Everett and Jack.

Jay,  Erika, Aili 



My dad,  age 92,  moved into long term care in Little Current, 20 minutes away from Ned and I September 24, 2013.
My mother, born 1927, passed away at age 80 in 2007   her obituary here

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