Thursday, October 05, 2017

The Cloud In Me

The Cloud In Me - exhibition of my new work

Open to the public today at the David Kaye Gallery in TORONTO!!!! 
opening reception is on Saturday October 7.

More information here. 


Mo Crow said...

(((Judy))) love the photo with the reflection and the details of your stitching!

Ms. said...

third visit to this post.
such an image...the words
then two images that don't necessarily relate to the words,
or to each other perhaps.
But then--they do.

susan hemann said...

congrats! love the first image, not sure how you did it, is that a little cloud on your quilt?

Liz A said...

Have a wonder-filled day ... I hope someone will capture the moments in photographs for you so you can just "be" and then re-live the wonder of it all

Judy Martin said...

the first image is of the window of david kaye gallery. My stitched drawing, 'basic goodness' is displayed there. I took the photo by going outside - the reflection on the glass added the city life whirling around as well as my own body. it was lucky that the red car with the white wheel was going past at the same moment - it does look like it was meant to be there.

so pleased with how the show is installed xoxo
thank you for so much support

Velma Bolyard said...


Jane and Reg said...

I wish we were able to be there today - enjoy every minute. Congratulations!

Heather Hutchinson said...

What a wonderful post.

Sue McQ said...

Friend, I, too, wish I could experience this exhibit in person; however, I am truly glad to experience it via the ether. Each work is spectacular. Countless stitches, countless emotions. Wow.