Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Yes, I did finish Jack's quilt in time. Full image of the quilt is here.


Karen said...

Congrats, Judy! I love how some of the whites are different from the others. It's a beauty. Jack is one lucky boy.

helen salo said...

I commented on the finnished piece on the other site, but wanted to mention that this "tree" is wonderful!! I must try to hone my photographt skills.

Frederique said...

Wow, very nice job! Your Jack is now fully protected!

Serena said...

oh yes
as always fabulous.

lots of love around jack.

Mary Beth Frezon said...

Love the quilt - I'm a total sucker for dots and these rock. And also love the previous photos of the boys.

while looking up canadian apple stores I found myself amazed at the size and shape of the place you live. I just had no idea and am grateful for the chance encounter via google maps.

Was especially thankful for the chance to meet you in Ohio and am very grateful for your sharing here. Have a wonderful year ahead.