Friday, May 29, 2009

My Manitoulin

My Manitoulin, fabric, photo, cotton thread, stitching, still in progress

What is your greatest fear?

"Not being able to perform my daily work routine around the house and studio."

What is your greatest joy?

"To do the above."

Anna Torma, Canadian textile artist being interviewed.

My Manitoulin, cotton, photo, hand embroidered with back stitch and detached chain stitch, painted with coloured inks, 13" x 13", 2009


Corryna Janssen said...

This is so great. Have you done the stitching by hand or with a machine? I like the handmade feel of it and the colours you used.

Dolores said...

What are the dimensions? You obviously love it there.

Art4Sol said...

So beautiful! I just love your work.

Robin Olsen said...

Your work is beautiful. I especially love your attention to the hand stitch. I really enjoy your blog!